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Aktualisiert: 14. Dez. 2022

This impressive text describes very vividly, what it's author experiences quite regularly because of Stigma regarding mental illnesses. Her strong words are an invitation to everyone to understand the effects of Stigma, such as loneliness, denial of legitimize rights and exclusion from society.

Stigma is being told I can’t have a dog because I have an illness.

Stigma is being asked by work colleagues if I’ve taken my meds.

Stigma is my work colleague saying. “You’re not one of those crazy Bipolar’s that cut themselves are you?”

Stigma is a work colleague telling my manager I am crazy and shouldn’t be allowed to work.

Stigma is people immediately disliking me because I can’t work.

Stigma is people disliking me because i have an illness.

Stigma is playing the illness down and assuming I’m problematic or stressed or worse lazy.

Stigma is assuming I’m dangerous, violent and a serial killer because I have an illness.

Stigma is ignorance. And until we eradicate ignorance, we can not end the stigma.

A poem by Emily

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