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Arriving in Georgia was marked with a very ambivalent feeling. On one hand we were excited to see something new after spending such a long time in Türkiye. On the other hand, we were sure that we are going to miss the Turkish hospitality and the unbelievable friendliness of the Turkish people.

What we found during our trio is that crossing land borders (unlike just arriving by plane) is that changes don’t happen rapidly but rather slowly which gives us a lot of time to adjust to a new place. This border crossing was different. Right after the border EVERYTHING changed immediately. Not only did we arrive in a Christian country (after spending 7 months only in Muslim countries), but also the appearance of the environment changed from steepish-mountains to lush-green forests, the architecture changed from cobblestone houses to post-Soviet buildings and alcohol was present (and drank) everywhere.


It was pouring on us the day we arrived in Georgia and we did not feel like camping for a few days until the rain finally stopped. When the clouds were gone the sunlight was shining on fairy-tale-like landscapes. The air war hot and humid reminding us of the tropical countries we visited and all of a sudden everything seemed so light and joyful like our childhood summer holiday. We camped next to rivers where we played in the water before we started a nice bonfire. We enjoyed the cheap-and tasty ice cream from the village shops and we slept in meadows full of flowers. We worked ourselves up to the stunning mountain landscapes of the Caucasus before we made our way down to the heart-warming capital of the country – Tbilisi. Shortly before reaching Tbilisi, without even noticing it, we cycled our 10.000th km and the day we left Tbilisi marked the 1st anniversary of our Trip.


We spent 5 weeks in Georgia and to our own surprise we fell in love with the country pretty quick. We will always remember this beautiful country as a revival of our childhood summer holidays.


Thank you Grusia!

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