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About Us


...when the pandemic just started. Each of us had to return home from abroad because of Covid-19. While shortly upon our return to Germany we felt like we lost everything, after we met, we realized that this pandemic holds something special and wonderful for the two of us. If Covid would never have happened – we would not have found us being in love with each other. On top of this, within the last year each of us was able to grow as an individual – professionally and personally. The pandemic was challenging us (like everyone else) in many ways. As a couple being freshly in love, we first struggled to build up a stable relationship while each of us was still dealing with our individual losses and disappointments.


We had quite some fights and doubts whether this could work out. Its sometimes hard to focus on someone else if you need to focus on sorting the broken pieces of your own life first. But having someone by your side when you try to build up yourself again, who makes you feel loved, valued and who cheers you up when everything seems blue – that is a blessing my friends. And more than one year later we have build up something wonderful – something both of us can rely on and build up on.

WE BOTH GREW UP... Berlin and have lived abroad for quite some time. As we both come from the same economic background we share similar experiences, had a similar lifestyle when we met and have the same attitude towards money in general. We share the same political views which we find essential for being in a relationship. And most importantly we are passionate about the same things – cycling and the idea of changing the world for the better.

Shortly after we met, we realized that we had common goals in life and we figured that if we use our talents, skills and knowledge combined, we might be able to create something more successful and sustainable than if we would start a project individually. That’s when we started brainstorming and creating ideas. After all, we thought that whatever we do – we both are the best in what we do when we do it with love and passion. So, we puzzled up what we love and what motivates us in life and the result is our project.

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