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About Me Jan


My Story


I was born in 1987 in a Berlin suburb named Wedding (the name sounds more romantic than the place was back then). As well as a lot of other inhabitants of this area I was a descendant of immigrants. My parents moved from Southern China to Germany because of local unrests which popped up all over the region after the Vietnam war officially ended.

Since my early childhood I experienced discrimination and segregation. When I was 9 years old, my family and I moved from Berlin to a small city in former Eastern Germany where my parents opened the first Asian Restaurant in town. But not have we been the first Asian Family offering new food options on the local market, me and my siblings were also the first and only Asian kids at our school. I guess its needless to say that we had more negative than positive encounters with this status.


But as usual, every burden brings a chance of developing and I guess growing up under these circumstances not only shaped my survival instinct but also led to great empathy towards minorities and less privileged people. Unavoidably I also started to think about the political system unjust mechanisms result from.


…Germany for education purposes (apprenticeship, bachelors etc.) in the following years before I decided to move to Copenhagen (Denmark) to pursue my master’s degree in Innovation Management. Copenhagen was totally different to what I experienced during the years before. All kinds of people from all over the world came to study together. There was no segregation but an entrepreneurial mindset swaying in the air. Instead of displaying our differences the people I was interacting with now where seeking the similarities and used differences as recourse for gaining knowledge and individual growth. The time in Denmark was therefore not only helping me to grow my skills and receive my degree but also it showed me, that things can work out much better amongst human beings if we just let go of prejudices and stigmas.


…I moved to Japan for a job I got offered. I became more accustomed to moving between different countries and cultures. And probably during the time I spend in amazing Nippon I became hooked seeing the world, meeting its people, eating its food, and seeing its beauty.

Because of the global pandemic I had to come back to Berlin, but obviously I did not have the plan to stay. All I needed was someone to share my dreams and curiosity with – and I have! And now, well prepared with a great idea, off I go – again

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