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Croatia was smooth and an easy ride for us. After spending some time in Austria, Czechia and Slovenia we were used to riding our bikes up and down hills and Croatia was super flat.  We have spent some days in Croatia as we wanted to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina as fast as possible.

Our last night in Croatia, we spend with Nicola and his wife Katarina. They let us camp in their garden and in the next morning when we left they packed us homegrown tomatoes and paprika. Well prepared like this we cycled through lovely villages which were dotted on the road to Bosnia. The border crossings went by fast - in the other direction (to Croatia) the line was about 2km and it was 35 degrees that day. We were so happy we went inside the country and not outside.

Very short after the border we were invited by restaurant owners to camp on their ground behind the restaurant. We also we're invited for beer by a group of locals as soon as we arrived. But read more about that in our next Post.

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