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The train ride to Prague went exceptionally well. We even got help from the train conductor to carry all our gear inside the train. The traffic in Prague was crazy but we did not stay inside the city anyway. We spent our first night outside town next to the EV 7.

The next 4 days we wanted to cycle this Eurovelo all the way down to Linz. What we underestimates was, that even if the mountains in Czechia are not that high, the roads are steep and winding. So we had to climb much more than we thought we would do (even in Austria we did not do as many kilometres in elevation as in Czechia). The first day we did not reach our goal of 75 km but at 65 km Iris was so exhausted, that we were willing to camp almost anywhere. We were lucky by meeting a super nice local on his evening run.

We asked him for help, and he suggested that he would ask a farm nearby if we can pitch our tent there. And they agreed. We realized that we had to take it easier on the kilometres, especially because rain was forecasted for the upcoming days. And it really rained …. Constantly for the next 2 days.


Again, we were lucky by finding wonderful warm showers hosts who took us in, cooked for us and served us breakfast the next morning. With their help, we made it all the way to Austria, just in time to catch our train.

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