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How to Support us

1) The biggest support would be to share our message. The more people we reach the more impact our project will have. By sharing our websiteFacebook channel or Youtube channel more people will receive information about the barriers people with mental health problems are facing. The more people know – the easier it will be to bring down those barriers and make this world more inclusive.

2) You can support us by connecting us with organizations and/ or projects with the same goal and target group. A big part of our tour will be research. For this we want collect experience and information about the situation of people with mental disorders in different countries. We want to learn about regular or alternative working methods as well as political structures (if any exist) which work towards an inclusive society (see “for organizations”).

Since we have funded our project to 90% from our savings (10% through donations), our financial resources are nearly exhausted. Therefore, we rely on your help. As of September 2, 2022, we are officially recognized as a non-profit organization and can issue donation receipts. However, with the registration of the association, we also have more responsibilities and higher costs. In the near future, we need donations for:

3) Work in Germany:

To work effectively in Germany, we must adhere to various bureaucratic requirements and pay for them. This includes insurance, without which we cannot carry out any activities. Every association needs liability and accident insurance. To conduct public events, we also need funds for authorities such as the regulatory office and the health department. If we cannot raise these funds, we must cease our work.

4) Material costs:

In order to bring future actions to the public and continue to offer workshops, we need materials such as flyers, stickers, banners, posters, pens, boards, etc. And of course, we also need our bicycles for our work in the future – and these must be maintained and repaired – moreover, we must plan future actions based on donations and funding.

We have many ideas and are planning interesting possible actions for the future.


Your donations enable us to continue our work and our mission. Any support, big or small, helps us achieve our goals.

5) Last but not least you can donate for the cause


Thank you all for your support

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