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We are always looking for Interviews partners and Professional Volunteering possibilities.


…to raise awareness for the problems which people with mental health issues and mental disabilities are facing in our modern society. Stigmatisation, discrimination, isolation, and other forms of exclusion are thrown upon a lot of people who suffer from mental disorders. The more severe the condition, the more severe the excluding effects in society.

Iris has been studying Social Science and working with people with miscellaneous mental challenges for quite some time. For about one year she was working in an organisation which aims to expand their participation in society (social inclusion). Her clients were challenged by chronical mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, manic depression (bipolar) and other psychotic disorders. Iris also hold lectures in the University she studied at (political social work, support and inclusion for people with mental health issues).  

Even though here in Germany we have a relatively good governmental support system we are observing plenty of social barriers and institutional exclusion mechanisms. People with psychological disorders continue to be set aside and left behind.


The purpose of our project is to raise awareness for the struggle in general but also to help non-affected people to understand more about mental disorders and see the human being and their amazing personalities. In order to do so, we want to expand our own perspective. We want to do research on how organisations/ projects all over the world work with mentally challenged people.


…for related organisations we could interview or work with (non-paid obviously) for some time. As you can see from our CV´s below and our introduction on this website, both of us have a university degree in business administration.


My partner (Jan) did a master in Innovation management (he does our website and marketing), I did a bachelor’s in social science (Social work) after holding a management position for many years. We are professionally quite skilled and know to work practically as well as academically.


Southeast Asia, but this all depends on Covid-19 but also, we want to leave ourselves the option to reschedule according to the capacities of potential interview/volunteering partners. Also, even though we are currently not planning to pass Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro, we would change our route for getting the opportunity to get to know interesting projects and related organizations.


If you are interested in working with us, please drop us a message:


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