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Cooking on the Road 

About this Book

Thanks for being interested in our cooking booklet. We put a lot of effort in creating this collection of recipes and useful information regarding cooking outdoors.

“Cooking on the Road” has been written to give other bike tourers, backpackers, and any kind of outdoor adventurers an idea of what to cook while on tour. This booklet covers the first ten countries we have been touring to and we intent to publish more collections and special editions in the near future.

Apart from the purpose of helping YOU to get an idea about what to cook, “Cooking on the Road” is supposed to help US to keep our Anti-Stigma project (see our project) alive and running.


Without support, soon we will have to give up raising awareness for mental health and fighting stigma against people with mental illnesses.

As we would like to make “Cooking on the Road” accessible for a broad majority of people, we don’t want to sell it for a fixed price, but we would like to hand it out to anyone who donates to our project.

And here is how it works:

In 2 steps to your booklet

​1. Let us know below if you want your booklet in English or German.

Cooking on the Road - Booklet

Thank you for supporting us on our Social Mission. We will get in contact to you as soon as possible 🍀

2. Choose the way of donation you prefer​​​

If you make your donation from Asia please use this link

​3. We will send you a download link for the booklet to your email address.

​4. Enjoy reading and please give us feedback so we can consider your needs in our next booklet (we already started writing).

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