Our Adventure

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Croatia was smooth and an easy ride for us. After spending some time in Austria, Czechia and Slovenia we were used to riding our bikes up and down hills and Croatia was super flat.


The landscapes are amazing, the people in Montenegro are nice-ish and the car drivers saw us as an obstacle on the road and they let us felt it.


Albania has been an important station for us. A lot of things happened within us the first time on the trip.


Our first week was a constant ride in storm and rain with next to no visibility on the roads.


We arrived in Turkey end of October. The moment we arrived was very emotional for us, as making it to Turkey was our goal for 2021.


We will never forget the day we arrived in Oman. It was the first time on this journey and in our life, that we flew with a bicycle.


When we arrived back in Türkiye, we were so happy – almost euphoric. Between Oct 2021 and January 2022, we already spent three months in the country and fell in love with it. When we arrived in Antalya...